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If you’re an owner of a blog or websites and you want to generate DoFollow and high-quality backlinks then blog commenting is the right thing for you. This is an effective technique, which guarantees a boost in traffic to your blog/website in 2020.

This post will take you through everything about blog commenting & blog commenting websites; so, if you’re interested to enhance your knowledge on this SEO technique then keep reading this article carefully. 

Let’s get started…

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is a method by which the blog publishers and blog visitors/readers communicate with each other. It’s also a great way of exchanging thoughts, present personal suggestions, and give conclusions about a specific article or topic. 

Almost all SEO professionals and digital marketers use blog commenting sites to create backlinks from websites of their niche, which drive quality referral traffic to their blog. The off-page SEO involves link building and high DA blog commenting sites are one of the handy things to get great backlinks. So, whether you’re doing off-site SEO for your blog or your clients’ blog, don’t forget to do blog commenting!

Types of blog commenting sites 

  • CommentLuv: It is a WordPress plugin used for making comments on posts. This allows some amazing features in the comment section of your blog. You can achieve a backlink to any of the blog posts if you mention a comment in any CommentLuv blog posts. To increase your ranking, you require do follow backlink from a premium quality website. 
  • Disqus comments: It is another great networked community system that enhances the function of your comment system.  Websites that have added the Disqus comments plugin to their blog can write comments on any posts and once their comments get approved than other readers/visitors can also see their profile on the Disqus
  • Instant Approval comments: You have to just include your details along with comments then you will notice that your comments get instantly approved. At such sites, no comments moderation is needed. But you should know that Instant approval blog commenting sites involve risk because many websites are listed here and some of them can be malicious or blocked by search engines. So, prior to posting your comments, you must check the legitimacy of the websites. Also, check that if a number of comments is more than 150 or so, don’t comment on those sites. 
  • YouTube Comments: If your website is based on the Internet and marketing or any related niche, YouTube is a great platform to share your thoughts and get links from others. Always put your comments on videos of your niche. You can also embed YouTube videos to your blog by giving a caption of the websites that also engage the visitors.
  • Facebook comments: If you often visit websites that have high traffic such as ScoopWhoop, HuffingtonPost, etc. you can add comments to other people’s posts using your Facebook Ids. You just have to log in to your Facebook account and then you can comment your thoughts on that high DA blog commenting sites. Here you have an opportunity to connect with people via social media.

These are some different kinds of blog commenting sites that will help you enhance your website traffic and visibility. Thousands of users are taking advantage of these websites and you can too make their use for improving your website SEO. 

Now, let us move further and know more about the effectiveness of the blog commenting technique and how you can do that with ease for more website traffic. 

Is Blog Commenting an effective SEO technique?

Yes, commenting on other bloggers’ blog posts is effective for search engine optimization and to create backlinks if you don’t carry out spamming activities. You have to very careful while choosing the right DoFollow blog commenting sites to write comments. When you post comments on web pages of a similar niche then your blog posts have higher chances to get visible in SERPs. This way you can improve your backlink creation graph in 2020. 

Now, these are some kinds of blog commenting sites, which makes the commenting system even more convenient for you. Thousands of users are taking advantage of such sites to enhance their traffic and websites. 

How to Do Blog Commenting?

Whenever you think to get backlinks from the free blog commenting sites, you must know some important things before doing blog commenting. Here is the instruction list on blog commenting websites that you must follow:

  • Select high DA blog commenting sites
  • Select the blog post that is related to your niche
  • Clarify your doubt, share problems or solutions; now leave your blog URL
  • Try to comment in up to 50 words; don’t do spam in any manner
  • Select a unique domain; never do link stuffing by using a single website
  • Try to discover the do-follow blog commenting sites that don’t pass the attribute “NoFollow” in the href tag.  

As bloggers, we personally follow these steps to get organic traffic and good backlinks. We are confident about their practicality and this is why we have shared these blog commenting tips with you. 

List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites 2020-2021

Now, we’re going to share a list of 200+ free high DA blog commenting sites on different niches that will help you get high-authority backlinks. 

Your efforts of blog commenting won’t go in vain on these free blog commenting sites. So, go through the below blog commenting sites list to find the most relevant sites of your niche. 


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