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Surely you know about phone directories, which contain necessary information of different entities and are referred for communication. The purpose of the business listing websites is also the same. The advancement in technology has nearly eliminated phone directories and introduced online business directories where you will get all information about different online businesses.

If we take into consideration the facts of Hubspot then it’s seen that 50% of clients who browsed for a local business on their smartphone, visited the store within 24 hours. Therefore, business listing sites are important for local businesses. 

Let’s move further to know more about free business listing sites… 

What are business listing websites?

The public profiles of businesses that can be viewed by anyone are described as business listings. It contains includes NAP details that mean Name, Address & phone number. The platforms or websites where businesses put this information about themselves are known as listing sites. 

Certain businesses also include advanced details such as working hours, website URLs, etc. It’s great for businesses to get themselves listed on the different business listing websites so they can be easily found by their audience. 

Business Listing History

Before the introduction of big search engines such as Google, all the information seekers prefer business listings. If we have a look at how business listings come into the picture, the entire crux is the requirement. With the emergence of search engines, thousands of websites also got developed for trading online. 

The digital market was very crowded and there was a need for a well-integrated system that will assist people to find the demanded websites. This is how business listings came into existence. Some of the famous global business listing sites are Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google My Business, and many more. 

Why business listing sites are important for businesses?

Earlier businesspersons used to advertise their products and services using radio, TV commercials, newspapers, etc, which are extremely expensive and are not that effective. The new way of marketing for local businesses is online marketing. One of the most adopted techniques of digital marketing for local businesses is to create business listings on several free business listing sites. So, let get started and learn the benefits of such sites:

  • Improves Local SEO

Local businesses face substantial competition from established brands in the online market. One of the good opportunities for local businesses to cut the edges of big brands is to rank higher in search engines for extensively searched local keywords via local SEO. 

For example, the probability of a local business getting ranked in SERPs for a keyword like “Tailor near me” is much more compared to renowned brands, if the local SEO for that business is done in an appropriate manner. The business listings are one of the crucial factors of local SEO. Having a business listing on high DA business listing sites is a way to highlight your local business relevance to Google. 

  • Online Recognition

Though Google is the best search engine to browse for any business in the world; business listings are still preferred to find details about businesses. Not every local business find it affordable to have a website and get a proper SEO done. So, business listing websites provide them with an inexpensive way for them to list their business information on the internet from where the prospective clients can reach them.

Let us now understand how to choose free of cost business listing sites for your business. 

How to select free listing sites in India?

There are thousands of business listing sites in India available on the internet. Listing on every random site is a waste of time and not feasible in any manner. It is extremely crucial to filter out the right business listing sites. So, here is how to find the best free business directory:

  • Non-Spammy Sites

Suppose you are on a business listing website to find some details and you are continuously encountering irrelevant ads on the site due to which you’re not getting the right information. In such a case, your on-the-spot action is to leave the website. So, the same is done by your prospects. Therefore, to get more leads through business listings, you should ensure that you avoid spammy listing sites. 

  • High Domain Authority

Creating a backlink on a new business listing sites that have high DA will generate valuable link juice to your business website. There are several tools available to know the domain authority of a new business listing website. We have listed 100 best business listing sites in India with DA of over 40 in this post. 

  • Do-Follow Backlinks

To transfer the link juice to your website, it’s important for a link to a do-follow backlink. As not every business listing site generates do-follow links, you should make sure that your do-follow and no-follow backlinks maintain a balance for better SEO.

Now that you know how to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the business listing websites., it’s time to go through the famous and free of cost sites that allow you to create a business listing. 

100 Best Free Business Listing Sites in India

Here is a business listing sites list, where you can list your company without paying a single penny. All these sites have domain authority above 40 so you must list your business on them.


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