Infographic Submission Sites List 2021

When you look at the word ‘Infographic’ then you will realize that two words are merged together to get this word. And these two words are ‘information’ and ‘graphic’. So, it means when an attractive graphic image is created with some relevant information then it’s called an infographic. 

Well, there is no doubt in the fact that infographic submission sites are helpful to you to generate more backlinks as users can easily discover your content in an infographic format. An infographic is simply a visual summary of your blog, article, and videos. 

This is why, infographic submission is the most effective and popular technique of off-site SEO. It is somewhat similar to image submission. 

These types of images are the way to graphically represent some information or data. Thence, infographics are increasingly searched by the users on the internet, which shows that you can surely increase organic traffic and leads for your business through free infographic submission sites

With the help of relevant content and quality images, you can easily form an appealing and engaging infographic and make your way through infographic submission websites for great inbound links. 

Brief About Infographic Submission

Infographic Submission Sites can be greatly useful in boost your off-page SEO. As infographic is a combination of information and images, users find it of great use. With infographics they get an idea of what is going to be inside the blog post, article, or video. Also, they love to share them in their network to knowledge sharing. 

In the next section, you will understand how infographic submission is beneficial to you and your business. 

Benefits of Infographic Submission Sites

 Before you begin creating infographics and submitting them to free infographic submission sites, you should know its benefits. We have listed some of major advantages of infographic submissions:

  • Allows Users to Summarize: With textual content over graphics or images, people easily get what you want to convey to them in just a few minutes. 
  • Natural Traffic Generation: As infographics are eye-catchy, viewers would like to visit your site once that leads to increase in organic traffic. 
  • Business Marketing: A relevant infographic of your product or service will improve your marketing. 
  • Higher Engagement: As visual content makes any subject even more interesting; you can increase the level of engagement of your blog or article by including infographics. 
  • Shareable: Infographics are easily shareable. If users find them interesting then they would surely want others to know about it. 
  • Increased Website Ranking: Infographic submission sites will increase your organic traffic (as discussed above), your website ranking will also be improved. 
  • Ensure a Strong Market Foothold: This kind of content will assist you to show your worth in the marketplace. The more infographics you submit, the more it will showcase your knowledge and research on a specific topic. 

So, don’t wait anymore and get started today with our list of infographic submission sites. 

Factors that Make an Excellent Infographic

You should keep certain factors in mind while making an infographic for submission on the infographic submission sites. Following our tips, you will be able to make a bespoke infographic that will surely give a nice boost to your ranking, traffic, and revenue. 

  • As everyone loves the story, your infographic must depict one. 
  • Make sure it’s well-structured otherwise it will be of no use to you. 
  • Don’t just create any random infographic rather do proper research to add accurate information. 
  • Users should be able to get what you are trying to make them understand so, your infographic should properly define your message. 
  • Last but not least, it should be designed properly and should maintain a flow of the content. 

Subsequently, before you create infographics and work on free infographic submission sites, you must have a clear understanding of the following things:

  • First things first, pick up a topic and do a deep research on it to find the facts and figures. 
  • Secondly, determine your target audience as it will let you create the right content for your prospects. 
  • Up next, set your goals that you want to achieve by infographic submission websites
  • Outline the medium so you get proper indications of where and how you will share your infographics. The best medium is infographic submission sites list
  • At last, you should know in which tone you want to create your infographics: educate, inspire, persuade or entertain. 

Types of Infographics

Infographics are of various types and you can make one of your choice. Some common types of infographics are listed below:

  • Flow Chart
  • Comparison graphic (for instance, A versus B)
  • Number information
  • Timeline
  • Useful Baits

Consider these Points for Making a Submission on the Free Infographic Submission Sites

Once, your infographic is ready for submission on the free infographic submission sites, you need to take care of the following things:

  • Choose the sites from the list of infographic submission sites
  • Add an eye-catchy title to your infographic of up to 70 characters.
  • Infographic must be related to your industry or niche.
  • Must add your website’s URL to the infographic
  • Ensure that you include at least 3 to 4 tags in it
  • Always save your infographic with your keyword to improve the SEO performance.
  • Never leave the author bio or profile blank on the infographic submission sites as this will create a negative impact on the viewers. 
  • Finally, add keywords to anchor text. 

Easy Steps to Submit an Infographic on the Infographic Submission Sites

Now, it’s time to do submission on each of the sites mentioned in the infographic submission sites list in this post. 

Step 1: Visit any site that is listed in the free infographic submission sites and signup. 

Step 2: Alternatively, you can login using third-party options like Gmail, Facebook, etc. 

Step 3: Once signed in, do finish your profile then you can do infographic submission in your category. 

Important Tip: Must save your infographic publicly so it becomes shareable and indexable. 

So, that is all for today’s post and if you find it relevant and helpful then share it. 


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