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Press Release Submission is one of the amazing off-page SEO activities. There are multiple free press release submission sites that gives dofollow backlinks to your site, which is too important from the SEO perspective.

Search Engine Journal believes there is an important role of press release submission in SEO. 

Before presenting PR submission sites list, you must know the basics of press release and how it’s considered as the power of SEO. Let’s get started…

What is a Press Release?

Press Release is basically the news provided by an organization to the media for sharing some important thing. These press releases can be shared on different press release sites for making the audience aware about the specific update in a business. Once shared on the press release submission sites, the brand website will enjoy huge traffic along with leads & sales within a limited duration. As it mostly gets a dofollow backlink to the site, it’s considered imperative to search engine optimization. 

Types of Press Release Submission websites

There are majorly two types of press release submission sites, including paid and free PR sites

Paid PR Sites: As the name speaks it all that for submitting your press releases on these sites, you don’t need to make any payment; it’s absolutely free of cost. Let us tell you that if you aim to get media coverage in well-know publications then you’re very much unlikely to achieve this using free sites. Therefore, expect accordingly and just consider these sites to get your business a little amount of visibility at zero cost. 

Some of the popular free press release sites include PR Newswire, Hirewire, and PRLog. This article will provide you with a long list of free best press release sites.

Free PR Sites: These sites are completely opposite to the above ones as you’re required to make payment in order to submit your press releases on these sites. The paid press release sites, which are the market leaders can offer extensive reach to the reputed news publications. However, these sites can cost you a hefty amount that is out of budget for some businesses, including start-ups or small-scale companies. Additionally, there is no guarantee of results. 

To help you with some of the best paid PR sites, we have named them here: 24/7 Press Release, NewsWire,, Newsvine, and Backlinkfy press distribution.

Difference Between Paid and Free Press Release Sites

Below, we have shared the difference between the two, which will help you choose the right sites for your press release submission. 

  • Free PR sites will allow you to submit just plain textual content without any media such as image or video. On the other hand, paid PR websites allow you to do so. You can add videos and images too along with your content. 
  • Free press release sites will provide you with nofollow backlinks to your site whereas paid ones generate dofollow backlinks. That means paid press release submission sites help in website optimization. 

What are the Benefits of Press Release Submission Sites?

Primarily there are two ways by which you can share your press release. One is to directly share it with journalists and other is to publish it on one or more press release sites. 

Some of the benefits of using PR submission sites against direct submission to journalists are mentioned below:

  • The entire process is very quick as you don’t have to find the email addresses of the journalists or personally pitch each of them.
  • The largest media companies in the world are easily available to you.
  • Some PR platforms enable you to target a particular industry or niche.
  • Platforms generally syndicate Press release submissions and increase your online visibility.

So, it’s pretty clear that press release submission websites are worth and you should submit your business press releases on them to gain more brand awareness and genuine backlinks. 

How to do Press Release Submission?

The process of press release submission is quite convenient. We have presented a step-by-step guide for the press release submission:

Step 1: Login into your user account on your selected PR sites.

Step 2: Copy and paste your textual content in the text editor on the web page of these sites.

Step 3: If there is an option to add multimedia, upload any image of your choice that relates to your press release. 

Step 4: Once content and/or pictures are added, put your hyperlinks in your press release and finally click on the publish button.

Note: If you choose paid PR sites, you may get an option to select from the types of publications as per your industry. This feature is absent in free sites. 

What are the Factors to keep in mind while writing a press release?

Are you ready to publish your press release? Wait for a second.

Before you share your story or update, you need to check for any fatal mistakes. We’re sure you don’t want to annoy the PR sites on your target bucket. It might leave you with zero exposure. 

Here are some common things to keep in mind while preparing your press release:

  • Always keep your PR short & succinct as journalists spend less than 60 second to go through any press release.
  • Make sure you target the right media publications or journalists in your industry otherwise your PR may get overlooked. 
  • Never make your PR too promotional rather make it a piece of entertainment for your audience.
  • Don’t forget to add your contact details so interested journalists can reach you out. 

Top 10 Press Release Submission Sites List 2020

Here we’ve prepared a free press release submission sites list that are highly preferred by companies in 2020 for spreading business news across the globe. 


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