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Whether you’re a business person looking to use social media for promotion or a seasoned marketer who is considering entering into the social media marketing field, it is crucial for you to know the famous social media sites. This will enable you to maximize your business reach on social media, connect with the appropriate audience, and attain your social media objectives. 

Of course, it’s not just about the scale of the social media sites, it’s also about the suitability of the specific social networking site for your company. Does it fulfill your business needs? Is your target market active on that social media site? How many social networking sites can you handle at one time? 

To help you with all these questions, we did some research and have come up with the top social media sites for SEO. You may be familiar with some of them while others may be new to you. This article is worth reading as you will understand the importance of these platforms for your company. 

What is Social Media?

Being a computer-based technology, social media allows for the sharing of thoughts, ideas, and knowledge through virtual communities and networks. By design, social media sites are internet-based and provide the users with quick electronic use of content. 

Content includes documents, personal details, photos, videos, infographics, blogs, and articles. Users make use of social media networking sites via digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and web-based software or application, generally using it for messaging. 

What is the Significance of Social Media Sites for Businesses?

Social media sites are an indispensable tool for businesses that are used by the marketers to find and communicate with the target audience for driving sales via advertisement and promotion, sharing consumer trends, and providing the customers with support facilities. 

The role of social media in assisting businesses is significant. Its ability to gather information helps marketers to focus on market research and yield results from their marketing efforts. It is helpful in promoting products and services along with the distribution of targeted, on-time, and amazing SALE OFFERS and COUPONS to the prospective clients. Furthermore, social media sites can help in forming strong client relationships via loyalty programs associated to social media. 

How to Optimize Your Profiles on Social Media Sites for SEO? 

If you want to enjoy the SEO benefits from effective social media marketing, it’s advisable to optimize your existence for higher visibility. Here are a few tips following which you can easily do the same:

Social Media Profile Optimization

First things first, choose the appropriate sites from our social media sites list (mentioned in the next section), upload a same logo across all of them for brand recognition. Further, ensure your bio is meaningful and sync to your business while being engaging. Don’t forget to put the link of your site or the user signup page, or email address. 

 Daily Post Publishing 

The very next thing is to ensure that your social media account is active- means posts are updated regularly. Depending on the business network, your posting schedule may vary. For example, you can post content on Twitter multiple times, but the same act would be considered as “too much” on LinkedIn. 

Social Media Updates Improvising

If you wish that your social media updates go viral, it’s vital to optimize them for easy shareability. By this, we mean to say:

  • Make irresistibly engaging headlines that can seek attention
  • Include appealing HD images
  • Explicitly ask for sharing your content

The above actions are tried and tested ones that actually make people respond the way you like. 

We suggest you to use Buzzsumo to discover the things that worked out in the past by simply looking for the content using a relevant keyword. You will notice a long list of most viral content on the social media sites. You can accordingly work for your business. 

One more thing that people often ask us is “Do Hashtags really help with SEO?” The answer is “Yes”. The reason is that hashtags are nothing but essentially the keywords used for certain industries. They assist you in content categorization and make it easier for social media users to explore it. 

Social Sharing Buttons on the Website

You can do a little optimization on your site to motivate visitors for your content sharing right from your site. 

  • Create premium, shareable, and engaging content with proper keywords, headlines, information, and call to action. 
  • Make sure your images are of high-quality as they are proven to increase engagement on social media sites. 
  • Moreover, don’t forget to add social sharing buttons to each of your post as this will make easier for the readers to share the content on their social media. 

 Engage and Amplify

Ultimately, understand that SEO and social media is not a “Set it & forget it” approach. The best wat to make sure you get maximum benefits from your social media sites for SEO is to “Be Present” with your content online to amplify your business success. 


There are several social media sites, which can be chosen for improving rankings on Google. But we have shared a long list of social networking sites that are widely used by businesses for interaction and engagement with prospects online. 

Let’s get started….



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